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How essential is classroom instruction to achieve the respective learning outcomes? How ready and able are teachers and school authorities to adapt to
different administrative and learning approaches? How prepared are the school to maintain safe school operations to mitigate risks, such as social distancing
(i.e. classroom roaster planning); and water, health and hygiene facilities and practices? We help school authorities and Principals develop a robust plan  


Schools may all look same or even follow same academic board, but every school has unique profile, position and pupils community. Their teachers have diversity of strengths, and students have specific and diverse needs. Therefore schools can't be effective if they rely on one size fit all and standardised curriculum plans. Our APP service offers a blend of advisory, as well as workshop based services for effective curriculum and academic calendar planning, thereby ensuring that your school is teaching students, not just following routines and standards. 


Opening a school is every educationist dream. But opening a school takes lot more than a passion for teaching and infrastructure. Getting the school earn the appropriate academic accreditation is a vital ingredient to schools success as well as that of it's staff and students. Our SAA service help school understand, document, prepare  and plan for meeting all the requirement of CBSE and other school boards, and develop a rigorous framework of ,  quality and compliance mandated by the board

Data Reviewing

Teachers are the most vital resource for a school's success. The quality of a good teacher can rarely be substituted by infrastructure or jazzy brochures. Our TRAS offers to enage with school to manage the complete lifecycle of teacher resource planning, recruitment planning, Assessment, Hiring, and most importantly continual development of teacher competencies throughout their engagement with school   

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